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In today’s business landscape, Content Management System (CMS) is a fundamental requirement for maintaining relevance and accuracy of information. With the need for frequent content modification, a reliable CMS for websites is necessary. At Digimid, we develop custom CMS platforms that add substantial value to your business. Our team of skilled developers utilizes the latest architectural design principles to build a CMS platform that is both robust and scalable. We adhere to a multi-layered structure and microservices-based architecture, ensuring that your CMS solution can handle high concurrency and guarantee reliable performance. With Digimid’s CMS solutions, you can modify your website content without hassle, allowing you to stay relevant in your industry. Our custom-built CMS solutions are SEO optimized, ensuring that your website ranks high on search engines, driving traffic to your website.

Delivering State-Of-The-Art CMS With High-End Functionalities

Robust and High-Performing CMS Architecture

We implement a multi-layered CMS architecture that ensures reliable performance and scalability. Our CMS solutions are built with separation of concerns (SoC) and high concurrency in mind, guaranteeing seamless operation even during peak traffic.

Cost-Effective CMS Development

We utilize proven third-party components and public APIs to create efficient CMS solutions while minimizing development costs. Additionally, we continuously monitor and optimize the use of cloud services to reduce expenses further.

Assured CMS Quality

We prioritize quality by conducting regular code reviews and implementing integrated APM (application performance management). Our systematic QA includes optimal test coverage through unit testing, automated API testing, and UI testing, ensuring that the CMS solution is reliable and bug-free.

Speedy CMS Delivery

With our agile development approach and established DevOps practices, we deliver the first working version of the CMS solution in as little as 2-3 months. Our development process ensures that updates and improvements are deployed efficiently, guaranteeing timely and smooth CMS delivery.

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